Retail Services

InterMetro Communications offers retailers, distributors, and resellers a unique suite of pre-paid long distance products at affordable retail price points with attractive margins. By leveraging our proprietary network configuration, InterMetro is able to deliver low-cost, long distance services which have been previously unavailable to the average consumer.

Unlimited TalkTM

  • Unlimited residential domestic long distance
  • Unlimited state-to-state and in-state calling from your home phone
  • Flat rate calling – No per minute charges!
  • $9.95 for 7 Days
  • $29.95 for 30 Days
  • Call anytime, anywhere – No time or day restrictions!
  • No switching long distance phone companies!
  • QuickPINTM technology allows for fast dialing

Minute ValuesTM
Talk is CheapTM
Speak Easy! Talk is CheapTM

  • Competitive toll-free and local access domestic rates
  • Competitive international rates
  • No connection fees or maintenance charges!
  • 1-minute rounding
  • Private Label Branding available

InterMetro Communications
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