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InterMetro Communications is a leading facilities-based provider of enhanced voice and data communication services. We own and operate a national, private, proprietary voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network infrastructure powered by state-of-the-art switching equipment. Our robust network transports carrier-quality enhanced voice services that can be packaged into customized high margin products. Our network powers some of the industries’ leading providers of communication services, such as: wholesale transport carriers, wireless providers, broadband phone companies, VoIP service providers, prepaid calling card providers, and voice-enabled application service providers. Our experienced team has a customer-centric approach with a proven track record of success. 

InterMetro will customize solutions to best fit your network and customer needs. Whether you need infrastructure solutions to broaden your voice footprint, to package into new voice service products or to simply lower your existing network costs, InterMetro is ready to meet your needs. Interconnect with us to significantly lower your cost structure without compromising quality or service.

Carrier Service Offerings:

  • MetroUSATM Toll Free Service: nationwide toll-free service coverage
  • MetroDirectTM Toll Free Service: on-net toll-free service coverage
  • MetroEOSTM Enhanced Origination Service: proprietary (EOSTM) toll-free service
  • MetroLocalTM Access Service: local numbers (DIDs) available in most metro markets
  • MetroUSATM Termination Service: nationwide voice termination coverage
  • MetroDirectTM Termination Service: on-net voice termination coverage

InterMetro Features:

In addition to significant cost savings and the highest quality of service, InterMetro offers all its customers enhanced monitoring functionality that allows you to operate with confidence. Some of the real-time features we offer include:

  • Real-time call volumes, port utilization, and ASR performance.
  • Historical data for busy hour, call volumes, and billed minutes at daily, monthly, and annual levels.
  • Multi-carrier and enhanced routing capabilities deliver calls to multiple locations and networks based on customer specifications.
  • Route multiple toll-free numbers within a single trunk group through unique DNIS.
  • Identification of calling party’s telephone number through ANI delivery.

InterMetro Benefits:

Quality and Security. InterMetro provides the highest-level of quality, reliability and security via our fully-redundant fiber-optic infrastructure. Our network is trusted by many of the nation’s leading communications providers, including carrier, prepaid and broadband phone companies. InterMetro’s private network design and back office systems were constructed with the knowledge that quality and security were your highest concerns.

Increase Margins. Our low-cost structure allows our customers to dramatically increase their operating margins while passing savings on to their end-users. Our advanced technology solutions and industry knowledge provide for a flexible network infrastructure, allowing us to quickly capitalize on opportunities in the dynamic communications landscape. By passing these savings on to our customers, we ensure solid long term relationships, giving your company the stability to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Real-Time Functionality. Regardless of size, we offer all of our customers real-time management access and advanced call routing features. Our customers can view call volumes, port utilization, and ASR performance in real-time. Our network operations center is available 24/7 to handle all of your questions, reducing the investment requirements for your costly back office systems. Real-time information is integral to our proactive approach in providing leading monitoring tools and customer service management.

Your Business Partner:
InterMetro Communications is Your Competitive Advantage . We are a Wholesale “Carrier’s Carrier” focused on your requirements. Our network provides the highest quality of service, flexibility in products, at the best value possible in today’s market. As your business partner, we provide greater value and strive harder to earn your business and keep your business, allowing you to improve your level of service to your end-users and restore greater net profitability to your business.

InterMetro Communications
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