Sales Agents

Seeking qualified agents with experience selling wholesale carrier transport. Highly reliable services, recurring monthly commissions, exceptional agent support!

The InterMetro Sales Agent Program is committed to your success by delivering high quality, dependable network services to the customers you bring to our partnership. We provide a single source for pricing, ordering and post sale customer care. This allows you to spend your time managing and growing customer relationships, not filling out complicated forms and tracking orders. There are no minimum monthly sales commitmentsso you don’t have to worry about shuffling sales resources from month-to-month just to maintain program compliance. If you sell, you get compensated. It’s that simple.

Once a new agent has entered into our Independent Sales Agent Contract, we provide – at no charge – comprehensive training on products and processes tailored to the needs of our partners. You’ll have access to our library of product literature as well as co-branded sales and marketing materials.

Why become an InterMetro Sales Agent.

  • No Monthly Sales Commitment
  • Recurring Monthly Commissions
  • Comprehensive Product Training
  • Dedicated Selling Resources
  • Streamlined Selling Infrastructure
  • Nationwide Service Availability
  • Reliable & Consistent Network Services
  • Competitive Service Prices
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service and Support

Product Portfolio

  • Toll-free and local access inbound voice services
  • Nationwide voice termination services
  • Calling card platform services
  • Custom-built calling card products

Apply today by contacting us at 1-805-433-8000 or email us at to find out more about how we can partner for success.