Our Network

InterMetro Communications owns and operates a national, private, proprietary voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network infrastructure powered by state-of-the-art switching equipment. Our advanced network architecture and industry experience has enabled us to handle a variety of customer needs (carriers, resellers, and prepaid providers) while placing us at the forefront of the voice and data IP convergence revolution. InterMetro’s robust network offers the highest levels of reliability and quality of service. Our proprietary backend tools facilitate real-time monitoring of our customer’s traffic thus ensuring maximum performance and scalability.

Network Overview

Nationwide & Worldwide

InterMetro offers on-net services in most major metropolitan service areas (MSAs) in the U.S. We also offer connections and services to almost every country in the world, ensuring we can meet your domestic and international needs.

High Quality of Service

InterMetro offers all its customers toll-quality service through enhanced traffic delivery protocols, maximum network availability and redundancy.


InterMetro has implemented its fiber-optic network to allow for on-demand customer capacity requirements.

Universal Interconnections

Through our conveniently located PoPs nationwide, we offer our customers a variety interconnection methods that best suit your needs. Whether you utilize TDM, IP, ISDN, Feature Group D, or SS7, we are able to quickly interconnect your traffic so that you can immediately start recognizing cost savings.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our proprietary platform allows our network engineers to monitor all communication streams in real-time. Our remote management system enables real-time provisioning and call routing based on customer specifications without the need for onsite intervention.


InterMetro has implemented one of the most advanced networks delivering fast, reliable services at a competitive cost.

InterMetro Communications
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