Our Competitive Advantage

InterMetro Communications is a full-service provider of communications services for carriers, resellers, prepaid providers, enterprises, and consumers. Our network utilizes the most technologically advanced protocols ensuring toll-quality service and transparent cost savings. InterMetro is committed to exceeding customer expectations and fulfilling customer needs with the highest quality products at the lowest available cost. Here at InterMetro, five unique characteristics separate us from the competition.


Your voice and data traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Whether you are a reseller of communications products employing our feature-rich platform, or a national carrier utilizing our robust network, you can be confident that your traffic is being carried on solid infrastructure designed to efficiently and safely deliver every rider to its destination.


InterMetro knows you need to move fast to stay ahead of your end users’ demands and to capitalize on innovative plans. We bring together the entrepreneurial spirit, advanced technology and comprehensive industry knowledge that allow you to execute on your ideas at lightening speed.


InterMetro‘s network and billing platform are operated by industry leading telecom and IP professionals. Our services are delivered over proven advanced equipment technologies utilizing network elements from the strongest infrastructure providers. By partnering with InterMetro, you instantly access the knowledge that we have gained by continually delivering winning solutions.


InterMetro‘s products and services are provided at the industry’s most competitive rates. Deliver your end users the highest quality service while transparently implementing our solutions to improve your margins. With InterMetro, you can significantly increase the economic return on your business investments.


InterMetro delivers to customers the most secure communications solutions. Our private end-to-end network delivers tier 1 toll-quality service while ensuring the highest level of security for our voice traffic. At InterMetro, we handle your traffic with the highest priority by assigning dedicated professionals to meet your needs as well as ensuring round the clock monitoring through 24/7 network operations center.

InterMetro Communications
Your Competitive Advantage